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Note: You are not a breadcrumb. You are human. With a brain. I will accept  your opposition but never your disinterest. I expect a lot from you. 

When I was in college, I wrote a thesis about the role of democracy in environmental policymaking. Some people just know better and they deserve to be heard, basically. Yeah that’s it. That’s a whole school year of writing in one sentence.

Since when did I become so interested with the environment, to begin with? A funny history: I was sixteen. I went to a conference about Climate Change and there was someone from WWF who presented a report about solid waste and their corresponding time of decomposition. Classic. It has a shock value and it kept me interested but everything’s just at the level of interest. Fast forward, while I was pressured to come up with a problem for my thesis, I was killing time at a bookstore and I saw this one book with a cover design that I absolutely loved. (It was An Inconvenient Truth. I know.) Bought it, read through it, and I thought and still think that it is all a political agenda. Not sorry! But at least it paved ways for me, you know. I think, overall, what really made me grow roots is the whole thesis writing. There was a profound sense of purpose: to know, know more, converse, debate, inform, and act above anything else.

Then again, I’m just a girl in a world that capitalises on trends and money. Who knows, right? That maybe all these veganism, zero-waste, sustainable living is just pure bullshit; that it’s just another trap. So far, everything’s fine in the rabbit hole, I must say. I’m actually effortlessly living off the grid. Hipsters will save the world.

Opting for organic produce is actually helping the little family farms. Downsizing is great for the ocean. And my apartment. Carrying my stainless steel bottle like a freak is actually a great way to be a freak. It saves money and poses an impending doom to single-use pet bottles. C’mon.

I actually like this lifestyle. It’s fun to geek about and it gives me a feeling of contentment for justifying my human agency. It puts me at peace to know that my actions and my values align. Nope, it’s not perfect. Some days are just shit but you’ll get through it. I guess.

First, know what you believe in. Second, follow your gut and just do your thing. Third, be good.

Another note: I have not figured it all out. I am not writing from my ivory tower. I am not your shrink. I could be that breadcrumb. I do not know better. And that is why I need you. Agree with me, argue with me, educate me. Also, expect a lot from me. 


Love is a tiny apartment. You wash your clothes in the sink. Wash your hair in the sink. Brush your teeth in the sink. You wake up and see your feet. It touches the wall. You curl your toes as if it’s enough to make you feel that the room is not so small. After all.

There he is. By the kitchen counter, reading the paper. “Eeeeeeeeeeee!”, yells the kettle. You turn off the burner and stepped on his foot. He looked at you. You bothered not explain. There’s no use. He already knows. There’s not enough space.

But you make do because you have to live. One box on top of the other. Every hollow is a place to occupy. Every corner belongs to you, to him. Every hollow, every corner is a common ground. A shared latitude. And there will come a point where every space is owned. Then you will realize that you only have each other and that each other is not a bad thing to have. After all.