Monthly Archives: March 2016

The past mornings have been all about oatmeal and CNN. The world is kind of fucked up, don’t you think? As an individual in this world full of other individuals, what can I do? Sit in front of the tv and eat oatmeal? Yeah, that could be it.

The semester is almost coming to an end and I could not be any happier. However, I would be sensitive enough to recognise the tinge of sadness hinged to it. Hey, that rhymed. I particularly  loved (or learned to love) the distance that I have to travel everyday. Maybe because of the fun podcasts that I get to listen to. I devoured the Monocycle podcasts by Leandra Medine of Man Repeller in just a matter of, what, three days? And now I’m very hooked to Serial.

Apart from the oatmeal, CNN, and podcasts, I have been writing a short story for a writing workshop that I would love to attend. I have been writing my whole life and I think it’s time to, at least, learn how people who do it for a living do it. But, you know me.

I’m a little rebel. The kind that does not read poems the way that they should be read. The kind that abandons books when it becomes too stale (for my liking). And for that, the kind that does not find reviews very helpful because, well you get the idea. And now I just figured that I have this uncanny way of ending my stories before they end.


Where would I be if I was not here? Maybe just driving around. With my own quiet company and some uninvited music that I learned to love anyway.

We just moved houses. I drive half an hour everyday to get to downtown. And then another half to come home. This means I spend a lot of time just sitting in the driver seat. Precious time that I could’ve used for lying in bed and thinking about what could have been the view of life if I decided to sit on its heart.

The best thing about the long drives is the music – of the serendipitous bit when a song decides to play and make a moment or maybe just naked silence. This song by The National came up as I swerved smoothly on a curve. The road was wide but I drove carefully because I was just apprehended. I was tiptoeing so as not to offend the law. What coincidence. It’s a terrible love and I’m walking with spiders. I was careful so as not to hurt myself and I love this whole process. And it’s terrible.

It takes an ocean not to break.

It takes an ocean not to break.

It takes an ocean not to break.