Alone, Driving Slow, and Not Breaking

Where would I be if I was not here? Maybe just driving around. With my own quiet company and some uninvited music that I learned to love anyway.

We just moved houses. I drive half an hour everyday to get to downtown. And then another half to come home. This means I spend a lot of time just sitting in the driver seat. Precious time that I could’ve used for lying in bed and thinking about what could have been the view of life if I decided to sit on its heart.

The best thing about the long drives is the music – of the serendipitous bit when a song decides to play and make a moment or maybe just naked silence. This song by The National came up as I swerved smoothly on a curve. The road was wide but I drove carefully because I was just apprehended. I was tiptoeing so as not to offend the law. What coincidence. It’s a terrible love and I’m walking with spiders. I was careful so as not to hurt myself and I love this whole process. And it’s terrible.

It takes an ocean not to break.

It takes an ocean not to break.

It takes an ocean not to break.


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