Monthly Archives: May 2016

I never felt so unloved until this one song came up. No, it’s not My Cherie Amour. That’s another story. I remember how much I loved that song. I close my eyes and pretend that it’s sung for me. I feel so wanted everytime. And then I open my eyes and realise that after all, it’s not for me. I wish it was for me. Maybe someday.

There are also a couple of movies where I always mistakenly put myself in the shoes of the love interest. One of them was Pretty Woman. Oh how deep in love was I? I am not her but I feel her joy in my heart. The feeling was so familiar that I am convinced I have been on the same place in some strange time in my life. Except, I’m not a prostitute.

There’s a clear feeling or a lack thereof that is responsible for this yearning. It’s weird enough that I identify with a song or a script for a feeling that did not occur to me. Or maybe it did and it’s gone now.