Random Writing Just Like the Early 2000’s

It’s two in the morning from this side of the world. I had a long day and my brain is just a bit foggy. But I want to write hence the post. I should stop explaining myself.

I just started teaching Ethics and I can say that I’m having the best time. My students are nice. They laugh at my jokes; they laugh even when I’m not joking. And I’m incredibly unfunny. It makes me happy and sad that people actually understand my sarcasm.

Other than that, I’m currently trying to adult (how effin annoying is using adult as a verb). Or maybe it just finally hit me in the head that I really need to pull myself together. That, you know, there’s a life outside Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. And it’s ugly! Ha-ha. The dash is for emphasis so you’d know how boring I find my own thoughts about discovering the truth behind what I already know all these years. Social media is dumb. Ha-ha. Another dash.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll begin a Sunday Currently section in this “blog”.


I love my boyfriend. Guess what! He loves me too.

1 comment
  1. Mpho_M said:

    Hahah, oh but is life more fun outside Pinterest though ? Haha.
    Enjoy your students


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