Happiness Hit Her Like a Train on a Track

Life is worth living when you know your purpose. Knowing your purpose will lead you to happiness. Happiness is the ultimate end of all human actions. This is according to Aristotle.

Right now I can say that I am happy. I am currently doing things that I genuinely love with the hopes of touching the lives of others in a way that they’d also be inspired and encouraged to seek their happiness and flourish. Perhaps this is my purpose.

I listened to Fluorescent Adolescent and my early teenage years just flashed before my eyes. I remember just taking photos of fallen leaves and write about my feelings. The last meaningful conversation that I had with my friend before he passed away was about how we really determine who we really are. He said that we are all bound to be someone in our later lives and right now, it’s just all phases. I digressed. I said we all flourish into that person that we all want to become but with the characteristics that we already have. He agreed.

A vintage camera found its way to my doorstep last Saturday. I took pictures just like how I did before. I am writing more often now. In hindsight, I can feel that I am slowly going back to my roots. And I’m just happy. Full circle, isn’t it?

I remember trying to be someone I am not. Do things that I usually don’t. It crushed me and I forgot what I love. Perhaps choosing to do the things you love isn’t really settling in a comfort zone because doing the things you love is not comfortable. In a world where you have to pay for food, love won’t let you thrive. Choosing love is uncomfortable and justifying it is brave. But love is love. Love makes me happy. And happiness? It is an end in itself. I’m okay with that.


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