One Big Thought Bubble and a Playlist

I’m feeling good and I thought I should just write. Let’s see what comes out of this.

I woke up early today. Relatively early, I must say. Around five minutes past six. The island life feeling is still clinging onto me. Maybe that’s the reason behind this body clock change. I went on a lone trip to an island in Central Visayas, here in the Philippines. It was frightening but oddly comforting.

I had no real plans. I just packed my bag, brought my yoga mat, and hopped on a plane. Most of my time there, I spent reading, writing, and just people-watching. It’s a small beach town so everything is near to each other and the stunning beach is for everyone. I sat at cafés. There’s this one that’s ran by a French man and they serve lovely black coffee. Another was on a cliff, overlooking the sea. And my favorite was the one that’s near the shore. They have great organic breakfast food and vegan ice cream.

I also joined a few yoga classes in the island. The experience is totally different from my usual practice here in the city. The shala was in the middle of a garden. I joined one sunset class and then a morning class. Fireflies joined our practice during the sunset class. It was a very small class of only four people, that includes Barbara, our teacher. It was funny because none of them spoke my language so we communicated in English in our distinct accents. Except maybe for Jade because she’s from England. Monica came late but her energy just filled the entire space as if it was just waiting for her presence. I asked her where she’s from. She said, Peru. I asked her where she’s based. Nowhere, she answered. She was just travelling around. I like that. Apparently, she’s actually a yoga teacher and she trained in India. She told me to train in India when the time comes. I would love to.

I woke up at six in the morning, every day, while I was there. Everything was so nice. However, I could not fully let go and just roam with a free mind because I also try my best to be vigilant considering that I am alone in an island that I’ve never been to before. But I’m fine. I did great and I think I would do it again. Maybe this time, in a surf town. I’ve heard great stories about Baler.

It’s really nice to be a stranger, I realized. But being a stranger doesn’t really mean that I am detached and completely different. I feel like there is some strong connection between humans even if you do not know each other. As if there’s an invisible string that connects us all together. That there is something so universal about us. Our hearts and the sameness of the good things these hearts yearn for. And that tiny flame in my chest when I resonate with the stories of the people that I just met. It’s like hearing stories from old friends. The anticipation, the excitement, the I-was-right-all-along feeling.

I thought I’d share the playlist I made just for the trip:

One Day – Matisyahu

Baltimore – Nina Simone

Inaudible Melodies – Jack Johnson

Pale Blue Eyes – The Velvet Underground

Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles

Unti You Come Back To Me – Aretha Franklin

Darlin’ – Houndmouth

The First Cut is the Deepest – Sheryl Crow

Belle – Jack Johnson

Michelle – The Beatles

Everywhere I Go – Lissie


Go have a nice day.


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