Monthly Archives: December 2017

This shall not be written in the same tradition that 2015 and 2016 had been written. The usuals, the highlights, and the breaks all took the same road. The ordinariness of life, the big things, and the deep plummets brought me to the same place. A place where contemplation is possible. This might put off some but they are the least of my concerns. This contemplation is one that’s never brought to a conclusion. For it is impossible to fully contemplate what is beyond – God.

The possibility of living in and through the mundane, the affluent, and the dips became so clear because of this very infinite force. My finiteness and everything that came with it became bearable and unexpectedly beautiful. It is a very special connection yet very painfully common.

It is not placebo. It is faith. One may be with me in the struggle of learning about it the hard way but there is indeed light that no amount of darkness can overcome.

Whether from the perspective of theology or not, you’ll know it when it lifts you up from a fall that was never destined to be yours to begin with. Wings, as a woman philosopher would call it. Grace, to simplify.

Take this pair of wings and rise against gravity for the years to come.


Happy new year,



Metaphysically speaking, the ephemeral nature of things proves that joy is not for always and so is pain. As the Earth rotates on its axis, its face sheds yesterday’s skin.

It gets better.

Nothing is permanent.

These are words that we often hear as a tired consolation.

If such is the case, what, then, is so great about all this transience?

Joy leaves.

Pain goes away.

What is left to feel? Will there be a void as the two shifts for the tango? What to do with this void?

Grab a pair of scissors.

Get some lace.

The only way to fill a void is through adorning it. Joy, cherish it. In its passing, remember it. Pain, feel it. In its passing, contemplate on it.

While nothing seems to last, we remain. In joy and in pain.