The Bullshit that is Transience

Metaphysically speaking, the ephemeral nature of things proves that joy is not for always and so is pain. As the Earth rotates on its axis, its face sheds yesterday’s skin.

It gets better.

Nothing is permanent.

These are words that we often hear as a tired consolation.

If such is the case, what, then, is so great about all this transience?

Joy leaves.

Pain goes away.

What is left to feel? Will there be a void as the two shifts for the tango? What to do with this void?

Grab a pair of scissors.

Get some lace.

The only way to fill a void is through adorning it. Joy, cherish it. In its passing, remember it. Pain, feel it. In its passing, contemplate on it.

While nothing seems to last, we remain. In joy and in pain.


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