reading M Train by Patti Smith and Department of Speculation by Jenny Offill. I figured nonfiction marries my love for the classics and contemporary story-telling.

writing a research proposal on the problem of the sublime. Many glorify art for art’s sake and yet in the end the inspiration does not really amount to much specially in the case of literary works. Such approach to the interpretation of art is irresponsible and lacks philosophical character. Hence, I intend to look into the necessity of context in the interpretation of words with nonliteral meaning using the work of the later Wittgenstein and the wisdom of Gadamer. This is really interesting because an aesthetic problem demanded an epistemic and hermeneutic response. Three of my favorite schools of philosophy. When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad.

listening to Yours Conditionally, a carefully curated record by Tennis. Amazing. Would love to see them and just dance away. Also, I’m hooked to this really underrated band that I just recently discovered called Shoos Off. But right now as in right now I’m listening to Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi here at the espresso bar where I work, using my boyfriend’s headphones.

thinking  about the Vietnamese food my boyfriend and I are getting after we close the shop.
wishing that I can go to Jakarta this year. I would like to explore its coffee culture its underground music scene, and its artistic subcultures in general.

hoping for more guests to enter the shop so I can make more coffee and practice my latte art.

wearing striped shirt, boyfriend jeans, Adidas trainers, glasshouse coffee apron.
loving micro lot coffee and la croix! It’s my diet now.
wanting  Cupping Room’s Gesha Village series, Maggie Nelson’s Bluets and Argonauts (after reading her interview with Fader and knowing how she is so over social media like I am), a new body clock, a windbreaker, an acaia pearl.
needing  a carwash, 40 journals on context for my assignment in methods class, a music festival or a concert.
feeling buzzed and dancey like Baby in Dirty Dancing.



You know that an experience is great when it makes you want to write. No, I did not climb a mountain. I did not spend three months alone in Europe. I just made a cup of hot chocolate from scratch. It’s glorious.

My boyfriend and I always go on obscure and unprecedented grocery runs. And every time, he gets chocolate for us. However, for the only time that he threw some chocolate into the basket for himself alone, he got the wrong chocolate. You know, karma just being a bitch even before you decide to be one.

So he got the very, very dark one. So dark you can’t eat it. It has been sitting in my fridge for quite some time now that’s why I decided to do something with it. For the same principle why you talk to flowers for them to grow. Or to your hair. Whichever is less bizarre.

I made hot chocolate with soy milk and coconut sugar. I gave it a quick whirl in my blender for some texture and froth. Delicious. I would pay for this. In fact, I already paid myself for making this through writing (through writing? Fucking Obligations and Contracts). Writing again. How I miss making something out of my incoherent thoughts and realizing something about myself in the middle of it all. Jokes on you, self.

I don’t exactly know what this attempt is for. Attempt to slow down. With hot chocolate that I made from scratch and some cake from my sister’s birthday party. Without actually thinking about the consequences of sugar. Without actually thinking about the consequences. Without actually thinking.




Still stuck in-between the pages of The Vegetarian by Han Kang. Many loved the book. Somehow I find it very uninteresting because I have my own biases. I, myself, am a vegetarian. The book is not really about being vegetarian but the deep ramifications of the protagonist’s choice. But, how it’s being appalled and all the attempts to arrive at an agreement with the choice is just too shallow.

I also came across with this article in The Atlantic about how yoyo dieting is really beyond your will power. It was interesting and realistic. I loved it because it consoles me. Half kidding.


I got myself a Moleskine cashier organiser last week and I use it to track my expenses. I just finished writing some more expenses. And now my boyfriend is analysing it. He is obviously judging me. What? What would you need a new box of green tea for?


I’ve been listening to Drake’s new album on Spotify. My favourites are Fire & Desire and Feel No Ways. I’ve also been revisiting old favourites since my friend, Felix has been asking me for song recommendations. I recommended Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars, A Case of You by Joni Mitchell, Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime by Beck, and Bawat Daan by Ebe Dancel.


People. I people-watch on Sundays.


I’ve been thinking of Justin Trudeau because I am in love with him.


For a Canadian Visa.


To get a Canadian Visa.


Justin Trudeau.


To go to Canada.




The enter button on my macbook.

Okay for reals.


I’ve been thinking of an effective eating menu for the week. I noticed that I can’t sit still for breakfast on MW&F. I’m always on a rush.


I wish that I could make the most out of this hiatus. I’m planning to travel, write some more, make some more music, and stay in the academe.


I hope that I could tick those boxes under my Hiatus Goals list. Most of the things listed basically screams adulthood. You know, just getting my shit together for some philosophical reasons. Hey, I saw that face you just made.


I just mentioned that I sent Felix some song recs and I can’t help myself but geek out on the fact that somebody else is actually listening to A Case of You so I texted him something about feels trips and all that. And he just told me that I am A Case of You personified. Isn’t that just lovely? I’m a freaking sad Joni Mitchell song.


I want this internet connection to show me a miracle because I just don’t have the patience to wait for four long hours just so I can have my MS Office installed.


I feel… I don’t know I just had coffee so I’m not sure if I should trust my feelings.


I just made a new Pinterest board which you can’t see because it is a secret board. This is non-sensical. You can hate yourself now.


The Sunday Currently is an original idea of SiddaThornton.

It’s two in the morning from this side of the world. I had a long day and my brain is just a bit foggy. But I want to write hence the post. I should stop explaining myself.

I just started teaching Ethics and I can say that I’m having the best time. My students are nice. They laugh at my jokes; they laugh even when I’m not joking. And I’m incredibly unfunny. It makes me happy and sad that people actually understand my sarcasm.

Other than that, I’m currently trying to adult (how effin annoying is using adult as a verb). Or maybe it just finally hit me in the head that I really need to pull myself together. That, you know, there’s a life outside Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. And it’s ugly! Ha-ha. The dash is for emphasis so you’d know how boring I find my own thoughts about discovering the truth behind what I already know all these years. Social media is dumb. Ha-ha. Another dash.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll begin a Sunday Currently section in this “blog”.


I love my boyfriend. Guess what! He loves me too.